Anti Graffiti Coating

Graffiti is a problem that has established itself particularly in inner city areas where it is extensively inflicted upon public transport vehicles and buildings. Graffiti on the exterior or interior of premises or structures is usually in the form of a ‘tag’, which is applied using a template or, where the graffitist has time, a large multi-coloured ‘mural’.

Sublime Coatings is Effective against:
• Spray Paints
• Permanent marker
• Dyes
• Acrylic paints and car body underseals

The Coatings can be used internally or externally, is available in Matt or Gloss finish, and can be applied to any substrate.
• Permanent (20 year warranty)
• Breathable
• Non-Sacrificial
• No chemicals required for cleaning, just soap & water

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