AntiBacterial Coatings

This system was designed for cleaning and protecting existing buildings, but serves just as well during construction phase as a long term protection system.

Our system is unique in its approach – most systems wipe or spray surfaces without removing Biofilms; biofilms harbour bacteria and re-infection occurs as soon as cleaning has ended.

This 3 stage system is unique in that it combats and removes biofilm, kills 99.9999% of bacteria, then leaves a protective film which is invisible, and bonded to the surface, with an action which kills all pathogens which land on it, so any cross contamination is avoided.

The treatment is effective against Viruses (enveloped and non-enveloped), Spores and Bacteria.

The 3 stage disinfection system can be used to protect an area against infection, giving it a semi-permanent coating which kills all pathogens on contact, and it can be used to treat breakouts, in instances such as Norovirus or MRSA breakout.

Our unique electrostatic delivery methods mean turnaround times are dramatically reduced – current hospital wards can have a turnaround time after a breakout of 3 to 4 days, with this system that is reduced to 12 hours – 1 day maximum.

A trial at a Bupa hospital recently reduced the number of bed days lost to Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAI) from 4,000 bed days per annum, to less than 100.

Regular re-visits are recommended in high risk environments like wards and surgical areas; even given the longevity of the coating, as proper cleaning regimes need to be observed by hospital janitorial staff, but often are not sufficiently adhered to.

A version of this coating is available which kills insects and crawling bugs on impact for up to 3 years in one application, which can be used to protect food storage areas (as it is food safe), or can be used in Hotel rooms to eradicate and protect against Bed Bugs and other insects.

Our products can be applied using our specialist equipment to help mitigate and control the debilitating effects of E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Norovirus and even Ebola. The process has also proved highly effective in controlling pathogenic bacteria, mould, mildew, fungus and their associated odours.

Effective against hepatitis, influenza, HIV, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, candida albican and much more.

The physics behind electrostatic spraying allows technicians to reach, and protect, areas untouched by traditional sanitation procedures.

Our chemical solutions are atomized by a high pressure air stream as they pass through an electrode inside the nozzle.

Electrons are induced onto the droplet surface and create an electric field charge within the spray plume. This electrostatic potential creates a force of attraction to all surfaces within the environment, and guarantees uniformity in coverage as the droplet’s “like charges” will repel each other instead of overlap.

This force of attraction is significantly stronger than gravity and allows individual droplets to reverse direction and actually move towards the target literally “wrapping around” it for the most comprehensive penetration possible.

The plume coats all hidden surface areas and provides complete and total coverage with a fraction of the labor required on less effective methods. Within minutes the fine mist dries and the protective solution bonds and is ready to destroy a wide array of deadly organisms.

The coating bonds to all visible surfaces, equipment, electronics and all hidden surfaces, without the risk of overlooking hard to reach surfaces, and without damaging moisture sensitive equipment. The highly cationic surface left behind eliminates bacterial spread, and therefore cross contamination. The long lasting surface means re-application need only be every year in low traffic areas. The mechanical action kills bacteria and viruses on impact, and retains it’s efficacy for months without the need to reapply regularly.