Drenotube® preassembled sustainable drainage system consists of a double wall slotted corrugated pipe surrounded by a geosynthetic aggregate enclosed in a high strength polyethylene netting that is clamped to both ends of the pipe. There is a fabric geotextile filter in between the netting and aggregate to prevent soil intrusion.

Already used extensively in Europe, Sublime Coatings have the pleasure in bringing the innovative drainage solution to the UK market, suitable for most drainage applications, with green credentials being made from recycled materials it ticks a lot of boxes for forward thinking environmental designers and groundworks contractors.

Drenotube Sustainable Drainage System

Key Features and Benefits

  • Installed Quicker than traditional French Drain or Land Drain
  • Super-Quick “push fit” connection
  • Lightweight – no heavy lifting
  • Carries away more water than traditional systems
  • Uses ​​recycled materials which are SUSTAINABLE and able to be 100% RECYCLED AGAIN
  • Huge labour savings due to quick installation – 10lm per minute with 2 men
  • Huge savings in transport cost – 1 truck of Drenotube = 8 Trucks of Gravel
  • Long lasting – Stress tested to 50 years
  • High Pressure resistance SN4 or SN8 versions available
  • Flexible; can be bent to 90°
  • Efficient – 10L per Metre Per second of water flow

See The images below for Drenotube sustainable drainage system in action;