“Nano” Coatings

Commercially known as “nano” coatings, our range of microscopic scale coatings serves a multitude of functions, hydrophobic, self cleaning, anti static, light refracting, antibacterial, insecticidal and corrosion protection.

At the nano scale , coatings can be made so smooth, and so slippery, that regular sized particles cannot bind to substrates, our coatings bind with substrates at a molecular level, and prevent dirt, dust, oil, bacteria and moisture from being able to rest on any of the coated surfaces. The result is that even static attraction cannot hold the smallest grain of soot on the surface of our coatings for long, with most dirt being blown away by the wind, and the rest removed with rain or deliberate washing. Graffiti can be washed off.

We have coatings which will act as a moisture barrier, preventing damp ingress into stone, coatings which prevent bacterial and biological build up, and coatings which will kill bacteria or even crawling insects upon contact.

All of our coatings have been tested and are safe to humans and animals, and have been rigorously tested in NHS environments, as well as animal husbandry situations.

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