Protective Coatings

Our Protective Coatings Last Up To 20 years!

We have a range of protective coatings for a variety of structural, industrial and storage requirements. Specialty ceramic, glass flake and polymer coatings covering a variety of situations.

We provide a turnkey service including pre-installation site survey work, coatings specification, grit blasting, or high pressure water jet surface preparation and high quality coating application systems.

Sublime Coatings provides services for the inspection, remediation and application of coating materials which then protect facilities, buildings and equipment from corrosion extending the service life of your industrial assets.

Coatings are applied using heated spray equipment, airless spraying equipment or by brush and roller where required.

Waterproofing coatings

Waterproofing coatings

  • We can spray safely in confined spaces, including tanks and vessels
    • No flashpoint – our coatings will not ignite, even with a direct flame
    • No VOCs – no worries of nausea, headache, or worker sick days due to toxic exposure
    • Safely grind or cut steel coated with our products without releasing toxic fumes
Paint more substrate in less time and realise significant labour cost savings

  • Very little surface prep needed – most of our coatings will bond to a jet washed surface
  • No prime coat necessary for most substrates, primers often integrated in the coatings
  • Our coatings go off in minutes allowing for multiple coats in a short timespan, and return to service in extra quick time
  • Finish jobs in fewer days without needing to wait between coats, allow other trades access sooner
Spray in most weather conditions and in occupied spaces

  • Apply in wide humidity and temperature range. Coatings can be applied from 50°F (10°C) to 120°F (48°C), some can be applied in driving rain!
  • Safely spray in occupied areas
    • No need to wait for empty building or outage to spray
    • No odor complaints from nearby workers since there are no VOCs
Corrosion resistant coating that’s better for the environment and workers

  • Corrosion resistance that meets environmental guidelines without sacrificing quality.
  • More easily achieve BREEAM goals with low Carbon Footprint and VOC levels.
  • No VOC’s and No HAPS reduces toxic exposure for workers
Suitable for a wide range of industries;

  • Oil companies
  • petrochemicals
  • off-shore
  • marine
  • power generation
  • water and sewage industries
Tank Linings

Glass flake and polyurea tank linings are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids. With their fast application advantages and ability to adhere to properly prepared substrates, our systems are ideal for new storage tank primary lining and rehabilitation projects. Potable (drinking) water tanks can be re-lined and protected using our epoxy systems, The finished epoxy coating provides, an old rusty, corroded galvanized water tank with a smooth easy to clean surface safe for drinking water, eliminating areas where legionella pneumophilia (Legionnaires Disease) could multiply. The lining will also resist growth of micro-aquatic organisms (BS 6920: 1988/90).